Google AdWords Moves Search Terms Report For Shopping Campaigns

Google constantly releases updates to their AdWords interface. Sometimes these updates are welcome and sometimes not so much. Like all human beings are wont to do, we get acclimated to a certain navigational structure where accessing the tools and reports we need become second nature. Google recently rolled out a change in the way we can accesss the search terms or search query reports in Google AdWords.

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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising Management?

AdWords, Adwords Consultant, Adwords Management, Bing, Bing PPC, Paid Search Marketing, PPC, PPC Management, search engine marketing, Why PPC Management Services Rock Pay per click advertising management differs from conventional optimization tools in a few different ways. With PPC, advertisers acquire high ad placement on the search engine results page in a bid to stifle the competition and get the...

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Google AdWords Grants For Nonprofits

Google was still a small shop with around 500 employees that were developing the infrastructure of what would become the AdWords platform that we know today. Thankfully, these dedicated Googlers were willing to volunteer extra time to help launch and support this non-revenue generating project because they believed in the significant impact they could make. By April 2003, March of Dimes became the first nonprofit to run an Ad Grants campaign.

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Do You Know What Your Goals Are?

Are you moving towards something? We all need goals, an endpoint, a place to get to. That said, there’s a certain skill to living in the moment, being mindful, This post isn’t about work-life balance. It’s about how to take the work part of that balance, and be efficient, accomplish more, and avoid stagnating.

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Facebook Business Pages to Get New Video Features

Facebook is starting the new year on the right foot, updating business pages in favor of video-centric a design and features. This update is meant to improve the user experience when it comes to uploading and viewing video content on the said pages. The company has reportedly been testing a new design as well as a few new features for the video section of business pages since December 2014.

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Google Launches New AdWords Editor Version Globally

In a seemingly never-ending quest to provide the best for users, Google has improved yet another of its applications. The company announced recently that they are releasing a fully revamped version of the AdWords Editor that supports many of the bulk editing features that are available in the web interface. It also includes new functionalities that are going to be useful to marketers.

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Google Now Shows More Shopping Details for Mobile Users

In their latest blog post, Google announced they will now be displaying expandable product cards for shopping searches done on mobile devices. The cards will offer more detailed information about a certain merchandise, including product specs and photos, customer reviews and details on where to buy the item online.

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Bing Ads Introduces “Auction Insights” Feature to Web User Interface

It seems Bing really knows how to hit the spot when it comes to their advertisers. Earlier this week, they announced via a blog post that they are adding the Auction Insights feature to the Bing Ads web interface. First launched in August 2014 as part of Bing Ads Intelligence, Auction Insights is specially designed to provide business owners and advertisers with important statistics about the performance of their ads.

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Preparing PPC Campaigns for the Holidays: 7 Clever Steps to Success

It’s almost that time of the year again. The weather’s getting cold, holiday decorations are starting to pop up in shops and homes, and Christmas songs are beginning to play from various radio stations. Pretty soon, shoppers will be scouring various stores looking for presents and other holiday supplies. Many of them will be using the internet to find the items they want.

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AdWords Users Can Now Log In to Multiple Accounts at Once

In a recent Google+ post, Google AdWords announced the launch of a new and simplified AdWords workflow that allows users to log in to multiple accounts simultaneously while using only one web browser. “We know advertisers and agencies are managing multiple accounts, and multi-tasking across many browsers,” Google points out in their announcement. To make things easier, they’ve updated the AdWords workflow so users can:

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5 Costly PPC Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Know You’re Making

In a previous post, we tackled some of the most common blunders PPC advertisers make. Most of the mistakes mentioned were big, obvious ones and are easier to spot and correct. But not all mistakes are easy to identify. Some are so small and so seemingly insignificant that you don’t even realize you’re making them until it’s too late.

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PPC Path: Bridging The Gap For Small Business

Google AdWords is the worlds largest and most customizable advertising platform. To date, more than one million businesses around the world take part in the AdWords infrastructure to serve relevant ads to their ideal audience all over the internet. AdWords is a deceptively complex system to master, and AdWords management agencies help advertisers maximize the efficiency and profitability of their campaigns by optimizing...

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