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Many mobile devices, such as smart phones have Internet browsers. These browsers can display websites similar to the one you'd seen on a desktop computer as well as mobile optimized sites. High-end mobile devices can also host apps which people can download from the app store in their device or from a website. The wide variety of media available on mobile devices means you can show ads in many different formats. Testing your message using multiple ad formats can help you recognize what drives customers to your website or to download your mobile app. However starting by tailoring your message to be compelling to customers on mobile devices can help your ads look and perform much better in any format. To make sure your ad looks great on the small screen, you can create a mobile-optimized ad with a message, display URL, and landing page specifically for mobile devices. To do so, select the "Mobile" checkbox next to the "Device preference" setting. If your ad groups contain ads that are eligible to appear on all devices and mobile-optimized ads, your mobile preferred ads will appear on mobile devices.

How mobile friendly is your website?

Having a mobile optimized PPC campaign isn't necessarily going to help if your site is not responsive to mobile devices. Well, there are strategies you can apply to reduce the cost of any mobile traffic you generate, it surely make more sense to ensure your site is usable to the 60% or more people who visit on these devices. If your site isn't so great on a mobile and changing it quickly isn't an option there are a number of things you can do. Google recently added "Call Only" campaigns to AdWords. A “Call only” campaign only targets users on devices that are capable of receiving calls. These new ads have option to only show a clickable call number and not to click through to your website. These works really well and provides you to have a good inbound call handling and provides option to schedule to run only when there's someone to answer the phone.

Tips for AdWords Mobile Advertising

Few tips to ensure that your mobile AdWords campaign is properly set up.

Allocate Budget to your Mobile Ads

With Google now can have better visibility into the link between mobile ads and retail purchases, many businesses are increasing their mobile spend – and you should too. There are 5 types of ads on mobile (when you’re using a smart phones):

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • App Promotion Ads
  • HTML5 Ads
  • Call-Only

Create text ads for Mobile with Site Extensions

The language of the ad should be tailored to people on the go, create simple and short, and offer a definitive description of what you want the consumer to get. When you have a swarm of options, get users there faster with specific sitelinks.

Lower your Adverting Bids

Mobile advertising is still a new market than traditional advertising. Giving advertisers a risk premium for their services may be a good way to keep your business steady. However, it is always a good idea to research current prices for similar ads and making sure you are still in the same area.

Review your Ads from a New Perspective

Always keep in mind that mobile users are accessing your ads on tiny screens. Can a user understand what your ad is offering them at a glance? Content-wise the goals of these ads should be relatively similar to those of your traditional AdWords ads. There are also additional opportunities by using location-based data to send out customized advertisements based on the current location of the user.

Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

Research shows that 85% of people move between devices to accomplish their goal, with mobile search having great impact on the purchasing decisions. 95% of searchers go on to purchase after a mobile search. This seems obvious - but a mobile user should never click to find a landing page that is not mobile or user-friendly. Make sure your landing pages are responsive or create unique mobile landing pages for your ads.

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