What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Google analytics provides you allover activity of your campaign and accurate data about the traffic on your website, your visitor’s behavior, conversions, sales, demographics and the sections of your website viewed by the customers. It offers you the opportunity to see which parts of the website are most likely to generate revenues. We have experts team here to help you to understand your visitors and spend your budget more effectively. We can show you every point on your customer’s journey and help you understand what it’s all about. Through Google Analytics we can easily measure:

Website Performance

  • Understand The Traffic Sources
  • Target online visitors
  • Demographics of your visitors
  • Improve your web page quality
  • Evaluate traffic flow to your website
  • Which channel spend is most effective
  • Customize for greater exposure
  • Measure results of your campaigns
  • Client’s Behavior Analysis & Visitors Segmentation
  • The cost of acquiring new customers
  • Increase ROI & Performance

Google Analytic For Smart Business Decision

Google Analytics is incredibly useful for understanding the user journey as they move through your website. Google Analytics provides insights behind popular products, helps you to exactly what type of content is popular and helps you to understand whether your marketing campaigns are effective in driving the right type of traffic. You can also drill down into their location, age, gender, how they came to your website and which customers & marketing channels are most profitable. Our experts will check all the common setup error to ensure you are working with reliable data. Then we report on the date you can rely on and understand your big data in simple way possible. PPC freelancer have experts Google analytics team, we have developed our own way of working with Google analytics. Our Google analytics services include:

  • Audit & Analysis
  • Goals & KPI definition
  • Set-up and implementation
  • Custom Dashboard
  • e-Commerce Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Reporting

Why PPC Freelancer?

  • At mediaminck advertising agency we
  • have experienced experts team of google
  • certified PPC advertising professionals
  • who have managing & optimizing clients
  • PPC campaigns in hundreds of verticals
  • from the different industries.

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