Pay Per Click Call Tracking

Pay Per Click call tracking gives you a detailed understanding of how your marketing campaigns make your phone ring, and which aren’t. Call tracking tracks and report the activities of prospects that begin their search process online and complete their transactions offline (in the form of phone calls). Our system allows you to identify which marketing source has led to a phone call and therefore gives you confidence to invest more aggressively in the campaigns that are known to deliver results.

AdWords Call Tracking

If you are running a Google AdWords campaign, you must setup AdWords call tracking. Without call tracking, you will not able to know the real value of your Google AdWords campaigns. Tracking your phone calls that came from AdWords is an extremely valuable metric that is often overlooked by many small business owners. It provides an increased ROI and a better managed and successful online marketing campaign. When someone calls you directly after viewing your ad, it won’t cost any more than your CPC bid for that keyword. You can also put the number on your website to track calls that come from online sources. It’s free when the number is manually dialed. To get started with Call extensions and Call tracking, you’ll need to add a Google forwarding phone number. There are two ways to get this number:

Create an Ad to Get a Google Forwarding Phone Number

You can get a Google forwarded number by simply creating a Call-only text ad. You may want to create a separate Ad group for your Call-only ads for organization purposes. You need to make sure you select “Call-only ad” as your ad type. This will allow you to show your ads with a Google forwarding phone number, which will be generated for you once your ad is created. You can discover your number by checking your Ad Extensions.

Create a Call Extension to Get a Google Forwarding Phone Number

The same way you can find your Google forwarding Phone Number in your Ad Extensions, you can also create one through this tab. Make sure you are viewing your Call extensions. Scroll down to where you can add a new phone number. This will allow you to create a Google forwarding phone number. Your number will be listed under the Call extensions view. You can also see how many call conversions have occurred under the Call Extensions view.

Why it Matters?

Call tracking allows you to track offline conversions and know which sources led to calls. This helps advertisers understand which campaign, ad, keywords and landing pages are generating leads. Ultimately, better call tracking metrics lead to more accurate grasp on ROI.

Benefits of Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of measuring the impact of marketing effort on lead accumulation and sales.

Measure and Improve

Get to grips with how your online marketing is working for your business offline. Track calls length, call time and ring duration to make improvements in how you deal with incoming calls. We can help you to improve conversions and make your other marketing activities more effective.

Provide Great Customer Service and Receive More Sales

We all know if customer service is good how much we are likely to buy. This counts even more over the phone. Use call tracking to make sure every customer is getting the best service that your business can offer.

Track Everything

You can track offline campaigns as well as online campaigns to give you a complete picture of what's making your phone ring - and what aren't. Use dedicated numbers for separate campaigns or promotions and track your success.

Easy Implementation and Use

Implement simple client-side JavaScript code that loads from your web pages directly into a visitor's PC and communicates with the Click Path service. This online application requires no server-side programming and software installation. It is completely non-disruptive and doesn't interfere with any existing search engine optimization efforts or tracking activities.

Calculate Phone Call Conversion Rate

It is calculated as ‘number of phone calls which resulted in a sale’ & ‘total number of phone calls’ For example, if out of 1000 calls, 100 phone calls resulted in a sale then phone call conversion rate would be 100/1000 = 0.1% Phone call conversion rate is calculated each for inbound and outbound calls.

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