PPC for B2B Companies

PPC is a system that offers B2B companies the ability to capture leads fast and efficiently. B2B companies can make great use of Pay Per Click advertising to grow their companies and expand brand awareness. The key is to understand how to make effective campaigns, how to track them, how to optimize them, and how to convert customers. By harnessing the potential of PPC, B2B firms can steadily increase their revenue, conversions, and awareness online. The problem for many B2B businesses is that getting good results from PPC marketing requires a level of effort and expertise they might not have. Compared to B2C marketing, B2B campaigns require a great level of campaign management in order to be successful. The features of PPC campaigns are the same whether the intended market is a consumer or a business.it is how are they are being setup and optimized. Few reasons why PPC is more difficult for B2B than for B2C include:

Keyword Competition

Popular search terms are very competitive. Optimizing PPC bids and quality rankings are a very important part of B2B management in such a competitive keyword environment.

Limited Results

There are various studies of click-through rates for organic versus paid search. The vast majority of clicks made on results pages go to organic results instead paid ads.

Hard to Measure Results

The length of the B2B sales cycle makes ROI results harder to measure. If a prospect clicks on an ad, it might take months or longer for the prospect to conclude the buying process. Remember, with a long sales cycle typical of B2B companies, the return on investment from PPC might not be seen for months. Tracking the prospect through the entire process can be very difficult.

Difficult to Target

The more targeted the ad campaign the better the results. Unlike consumer PPC ads that are highly targeted, B2B searchers might not know exactly what they want. They will use broader keywords (top-of-funnel keywords) as they start the buying process. It is much more difficult for B2B marketers to create highly targeted PPC ads.

What kind of PPC budget should a B2B company have?

PPC budgets will vary according to a specific business, if its industry and how competitive that industry is online at present. Attorneys are notoriously competitive in PPC, and law firms can easily spend thousands of dollars on campaigns in a month. Of course, not all businesses are going to be that competitive. Basically, the best budget for PPC is the budget that works for your business. Remember that if your PPC campaign works then you should generate revenue from it. This revenue should pay for the PPC campaign and net additional revenue. If your PPC campaigns aren’t showing the results you want, consider tweaking them, A/B testing different ads, or hire our experts to optimize them effectively for clicks.

What platforms offer PPC for B2B?

The Google dominates PPC advertising, There are other search engines you can use too, including Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Choose the platform according to your client’s availability there. You can also use multiple platforms simultaneously to see where you’re more popular and where you can funnel additional money. You really never know which one will work best until you do some research.

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