Yahoo/Bing Ads Management

Not everyone uses Google, and surprisingly that may be for some of you to believe, Yahoo/Bing is slowly creeping up the ladder and has made considerable gains in search recently. Yahoo/Bing Ads management is one of the best ways for small, medium and large sized businesses to instantly establish substantial online presence in a cost effective way. The cost per click on Bing is lower than Google AdWords because of less competition levels. There are fewer companies running ads on Bing, so there is less competition in keyword bidding and the CPC remains lower than AdWords. Bing Ads is relatively a new network which exponentially growing over the last few years and have gained a large number of new users. Yahoo/Bing search engines stands at second place in search engine market share, after Google.

Using Bing ads in combination with Google AdWords means that you will have PPC advertising coverage on the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, a Google AdWords account can be imported into Bing Ads to make things simple. Bing Ads can also be used as an individual PPC advertising option, which may be ideal for advertisers with a small PPC advertising budget that want to get more clicks from their money. Additionally, Bing ads are now part of Yahoo as well. Now Bing and Yahoo have combined their search advertising networks proper optimization of your PPC campaigns means even more conversions. We have team of professionals who will manage and implement Yahoo/Bing ads in your all campaigns. All our PPC experts are Google & Bing certified and managing all kinds of PPC campaigns. They will maximize the impact of every ad across every aspect. With Yahoo/Bing ads, our PPC experts can:

  • Create Bing ad strategy and consultation
  • Reach potentially millions of customers
  • Control your advertising costs
  • Increase your return on your advertising spend
  • Write and manage ads that drive pre qualified traffic
  • Creating and optimizing your landing page design for higher conversions
  • Improve CTR and conversion rate
  • Research your competition and suggest hi-profile your keywords
  • Optimize your Bing Ads campaigns and ad groups
  • Analyze quality score to know the elements to increase
  • Write and manage ads that drive pre qualified traffic
  • Account Audit and Reporting

How Can I Advertise On The Bing Network?

Bing advertisement will allow you to build competitive advantage as well as take advantage of lower CPCs and traffic that has been suggested to be more likely to convert. Our PPC expert’s team can help you to create a campaign that reaches the users you want, and do same work within your budget. After that, our personalized monthly reports will help you how your campaigns are progressing, and if there adjustments or changes to be made, we will be there to ensure that the campaign is tweaked to meet your goals. We highly recommend using the Yahoo/Bing Ad network to all of our clients.

Bing Ads Audit

Our Bing Ads audits focuses on the performance of your existing Bing Ads campaigns and how they can be renovate to be more efficient and cost-effective. Areas to be reviewed include account structure, ad group, keyword analysis, ad copy analysis, conversions and ROI, quality scores, bid strategy, landing pages and competitor metrics. We also offer assistance with the creation of new Bing Ads campaign. Audits include detailed recommendations for optimizations and improvements, which can be cost as an additional project, or undertaken in-house. Our PPC experts find out during PPC account audits include:

  • Not Enough Ads
  • Using Ads That Don't Reflect Target Keywords
  • Not Using Enough Ad Groups
  • Not Using the Quality Score Column
  • Not Using Negative Keywords
  • Targeting the Wrong Audience
  • Setting the Daily Budget Too Low
  • Not Using Content Bids
  • Unnecessary Use of Multiple Campaigns
  • Not Using Targeted Landing Pages
  • Incorrect Use of Keyword Matching Options
  • Not Using Conversion Tracking

Any of these issues can be cost a company conversions and valuable ROI. If you suspect your Yahoo/Bing Ads account has one or more of these problems, one of our PPC experts account audits can save your thousands per month. Please contact us today to find out how we can help to work more cost effectively.

Why PPC Freelancer?

  • At mediaminck advertising agency we
  • have experienced experts team of google
  • certified PPC advertising professionals
  • who have managing & optimizing clients
  • PPC campaigns in hundreds of verticals
  • from the different industries.

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