AdWords Users Can Now Log In to Multiple Accounts at Once

In a recent Google+ post, Google AdWords announced the launch of a new and simplified AdWords workflow that allows users to log in to multiple accounts simultaneously while using only one web browser. “We know advertisers and agencies are managing multiple accounts, and multi-tasking across many browsers,” Google points out in their announcement. To make things easier, they’ve updated the AdWords workflow so users can:

  • Manage multiple AdWords accounts simultaneously in the same browser
  • Stay logged into multiple AdWords accounts or other Google accounts at the same time
  • Save time switching between accounts with different logins

Indeed, this change comes as a relief to us in the paid search industry. No more logging out and logging back in again just to get from one account to another. No more opening multiple browsers. Thanks to this simple improvement, we can finally manage multiple accounts with less frustration and more efficiency.

But wait, there’s more!

Although this update was primarily designed for AdWords, Google says it also works for other services such as Drive, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Gmail. This improvement can do wonders for Google’s users. Not only will they be able to save lots of time, but they’ll also be more productive in whatever their doing.

How to Start Using Multiple Account Log In

To take advantage of this new feature on AdWords, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to AdWords
  • Once in, click on the Customer ID or login email to open the account selector
  • Click “Add Account” to start opening more accounts.

As soon as they are added, your accounts will be listed on your Google display photo at the top right corner of the webpage.

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