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Geotargeting, or Local PPC, is an AdWords tool that lets you target your customer only in the given specified locations, where you would like to run your ads. Geo targeting local PPC management are effective strategies for ranking highly on most search engine’s top lists. To ensure that your website generates quality traffic, we will run your ads at the time when your target market is active and online. Geotargeting is essential if you want to make the most efficient use of your limited advertising spend. We will help you to:

  • Review the setup process for geotargeting
  • Explain you how to manage a geotargeted campaign
  • Maximizing your local PPC campaign

You can geo target by the qualifiers below, which can also be mixed and matched. While choosing designated geographic areas, it’s equally important to exclude locations that won’t deliver the customers you want:

  • ZIP code
  • City, state, region, or country
  • Designated market area
  • Radius around a specific point
  • Location extension targeting

Advanced Options (By Radius)

Radius targeting is another useful tool of displaying your ads to the accurate people to whom you want to target. This allows you to select a distance radius around a location of your choice, which is also called proximity targeting. Enter a location into the box, and that becomes the center of the radius. Specify the distance around the location that you wish to target by typing a numeral into the next box. Then drop-down to the right of the number lets you specify whether the distance is measured in miles (mi) or kilometers (km). For example, you could specify 10 miles around the radius of a restaurant to target ads to customers who are searching within that area.

How to Build efficient Local PPC Campaigns

  • Target the locations where your customers are.
  • Excluding certain locations can be just as important as targeting them.
  • Gain regional insights about your customers by using tool like, Google trends.
  • It's a good idea to include regional terms in your keyword lists.
  • Enable location extensions & call extensions in your local ad so that customers can easily contact you.

Improved ROI & Conversion

For small businesses providing services to local customers GEO targeted local PPC campaigns frequently result in higher ROI and conversion rates than national campaigns. This is because they are serving ads to the correct people, anyone searching for the business, their products or services within the targeted area will see the PPC ads displayed. A ROI and conversion rate generally gets better because the traffic hitting the website via PPC is highly relevant, whereas the enquirer has found exactly what they were looking for.

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