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LinkedIn offers its own paid advertising platform, the largest social media platform for working professionals, and a great place for B2B businesses to advertise. It offers the capability of tapping into multiple marketing opportunities and weaves encyclopedic LinkedIn marketing strategies on a scale in line with your objectives and specific needs. We offers a wide range of targeting options including the ability to target by demographics, skills, education, job function, job title, industry, age, gender groups and company size. The variety of targeting options available to advertisers means you can really perfect in on your audience, ensuring a deeper level of relevancy to prospective customers who see your ad. Our PPC experts also makes use of effective techniques such as creating company profiles, leaving status updates, creating groups, using LinkedIn polls etc. There are two options when it comes to creating ads on LinkedIn:

  • A Sponsored Update

This allows you to promote a post from your company profile page and get it in front of a relevant audience. This can be a great branding exercise as you could easily acquire a discussion going on a particular topic by promoting an article you have written.

  • Pay Per Click Ads

These function works in the same way as Google ads whereas you create adverts, select your targeting options, assign a budget to your campaign and then pay a maximum amount for each click to your ads.

LinkedIn Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Create a New Extension of your Company

Small business or an enterprise, we generate a strong web presence for you within the largest professional community of the world LinkedIn. Show your ads to the professionals, business owners and decision makers globally and make them involved with your brand.

Go Live in Minutes

Drive Traffic to your website within minutes. With text and rich media ads, our experts take your message and content in-front of the high quality audience. Your ads will be shown at their profile page, homepage, inbox, search result, page and groups so that you get the results possibly.

Explore the New Audience Targeting

If your target audience is relevant then generated leads automatically will be qualified. Explore all the ways of audience targeting include: job title, job function, industry, company size, company name, age, gender and group.

Measure Your Success

We help you to identify your goals and objectives before starting an advertising campaign and we track your campaign results after launching the PPC account. You get every insight to see what you invested, what you expected and what you have got back.

Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

Advertising on LinkedIn is a great choice for many businesses & organization that need to connect with B2B clients or just want to create network with business people. LinkedIn ads are very simple to set up and many targeting categories make it easy to advertise to the audience that is ideal for you. LinkedIn provides advanced targeting options that allow you to display your ad only to the people that you think will be interested in your products and services. Location is the only targeting field that is required but other than this filter, you are also able to specify your audience by job designation, function, pre-eminence, gender, age and skills. Below there are benefits of advertising on LinkedIn such as:

  • LinkedIn provides great targeting options
  • LinkedIn is not a typical social network and it is not a content platform
  • LinkedIn has a much smaller audience than Google or Facebook
  • LinkedIn lacks professional bid management platforms
  • LinkedIn allows you to email directly to your potential customer

Review your Ads from a New Perspective

Always keep in mind that mobile users are accessing your ads on tiny screens. Can a user understand what your ad is offering them at a glance? Content-wise the goals of these ads should be relatively similar to those of your traditional AdWords ads. There are also additional opportunities by using location-based data to send out customized advertisements based on the current location of the user.

Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

Research shows that 85% of people move between devices to accomplish their goal, with mobile search having great impact on the purchasing decisions. 95% of searchers go on to purchase after a mobile search. This seems obvious - but a mobile user should never click to find a landing page that is not mobile or user-friendly. Make sure your landing pages are responsive or create unique mobile landing pages for your ads.

Why PPC Freelancer?

  • At mediaminck advertising agency we
  • have experienced experts team of google
  • certified PPC advertising professionals
  • who have managing & optimizing clients
  • PPC campaigns in hundreds of verticals
  • from the different industries.

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