Google Now Shows More Shopping Details for Mobile Users

In their latest blog post, Google announced they will now be displaying expandable product cards for shopping searches done on mobile devices. The cards will offer more detailed information about a certain merchandise, including product specs and photos, customer reviews and details on where to buy the item online.

Making Mobile Shopping Easier

Google says this update is designed to help improve the shopping experience for mobile consumers. This is a smart move considering shopping searches from tablets and smartphones have increased 3.5 times since last year. Also, Google Shopping is sending more mobile traffic to retailers now than it did during the busiest week of last year’s holiday season. These numbers are only going to increase in the coming weeks, “So we’re [Google] making it easier to find the information and images people need to make shopping better on mobile.” Now when a consumer does a mobile search for a product, Google will display a “See more” arrow beneath the Google Shopping ad on search results, as shown below. Take note that, because of this update, text ads are driven to the lower part of the search engine results page. By clicking this arrow, the user will be able to see more pertinent information about the item they’re searching for. Google Shopping will also be rolling out 360 photos on selected products so consumers can explore the items they want from any angle.

More Mobile Updates

Google also revealed in their blog post that they are making local inventory ads, otherwise known as product listing ads, available on tablets. This way, consumers will now be able to find local products conveniently using any device. This will certainly come in handy for people who leave until the last minute to buy Christmas presents. Moreover, this will be a great help for local businesses as they will be able to promote their products “throughout the holiday season – even after the holiday shipping cutoffs have passed.”

How Retailers Can Take Advantage

To make the most of these updates and ensure mobile shoppers can see your products, Google suggests using Auction insights segmented by device. Take time to analyse how your products and ads perform against your competitors. Pinpoint any missed opportunities and improve your bid modifier strategy so you can get a bigger share of the mobile consumer market.

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