• What is PPC advertising?
    Pay Per Click advertising allows you to place ads for your website on major websites including Google and Facebook. You only pay each time someone clicks on the ad and visits your website.
  • What is Google AdWords?
    Google AdWords is most popular and cost effective advertising platform on Google. It's a disputable leader in sponsored search placement. Google AdWords allows advertisers to create their own ads, to select keywords of their own choice and publish them on Google as well as its partner's sites and content network.
  • Can i change my daily budget?
    Yes, you can change your daily budget whenever you want. Just let us know how you want it to be adjusted and our PPC expert team will take care of it for your betterment. If you’re savvy, you can even log into the account and make changes yourself. Same goes for all other settings in your account like targeting methods and custom scheduling.
  • Who needs to pay for the clicks on Google AdWords?
    You have to pay for the clicks directly with your own Google AdWords account. Whatever the click costs is what it costs you. If already you don't have a Google AdWords account, we’ll help you to establish one. You can set a daily budget that we’ll manage for the reasonable monthly fee. Unlike lot of other companies we charge based on the size of your account, not by the percentage of your spend. Size determines effort, and this effort includes reducing your overall spend.
  • Do i need a Landing Page?
    A well designed landing page will continue from where the ad left off and will lead to better ROI. Landing pages allow the businesses to explain their product or service in a better way, and sell their goods to those who are eager enough to click on their ads. When developed and optimized correctly, Landing Pages can turn visitors into customers.
  • What is Google Display Network?
    The Google Display Network serves ads into more than two million websites. Those ads can be text, images, Flash movies or videos. The websites could be on a desktop, a tablet or a phone.
  • What's Remarketing?
    Remarketing is also referred to as retargeting. It is an advertising method that allows you to reach individuals who have previously visited your website by showing them relevant ads when they’re visiting sites on the Google Display Network. Remarketing can help improve the ROI of PPC campaigns by taking advantage of lost visitors and turning them back into customers.
  • Is there a minimum amount i have to pay per click?
    Google Minimum Bid = $0.01
Microsoft AdCenter = $0.05
  • Are there any contract?
    All our PPC management plans are on a month to month basis only.
  • What about Yahoo/Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn?
    For most businesses we recommend making out your spend on Google first. Given your products or services, or volume of traffic, we may also recommend and manage other campaigns for you for a reasonable, supplemental fee.
  • What kind of support will i receive?
    All our management packages come with full email and call support. Many of our management packages come with monthly or bi-weekly conference calls lasting 30-45 minutes. We’ll walk you through the campaign performance and collaborate on future strategy.
  • What are the modes of payment?
    You will receive an invoice through mail from our team for any service you acquire. You can give funds through cash, cheque or send money to our account or you may use net banking.

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