Our Google AdWords Management Process

1. Account Review, Testing
& Development

  • Understanding your Business
    We'll discuss the scope of your project, budget range, target audience, top competitors and business goals. We want you to brief us about your business and your target customers. So that, we’ll be able to build strategic and effective campaign that provides you the best PPC campaign results for you.
  • Competitive Research
    PPC competitive research is vital to create a highly effective PPC campaign. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is essential to any paid search marketing strategy. Once we begin to understand your competitor’s strategy, we can easily make decision and changes more effectively.
  • Discuss Goals with the Client
    Let us go forward together with an understanding of your targeted advertising goals. Our PPC expert’s team knows which Pay per Click techniques are effective for your online campaign, we don't even begin to organize your marketing campaign without a clear empathize of your goals and objectives for start-up of the process.

2. Account Creation &

  • Keywords Research
    Keyword research isn’t only about finding keywords to get visitors to your website, but about finding the right cost effective keywords to attract the right visitors. Our PPC expert’s team spend a lot of time researching the effective keywords relevant to your products and services and analyses their projected costs.
  • Ad Copy Creation
    Our PPC expert’s team have skills of creating high quality and effective compelling ad copy for our clients. Our expert team gives you some proven tactics you can use to write AdWords ads that will boost your relevancy, improve your click-through-rate (CTR), lower your cost per click (CPC) and raise your quality Score.
  • Custom Settings
    In this stage we we'll set your campaign to be local, national or international. We can easily target customers based on states, cities & countries. We'll actually figure out a custom bidding strategy in order to bid most aggressively on the most relevant keywords and bid more conservatively on areas that are bringing in customers earlier in the buying cycle. We'll also design landing page which will be relevant to the keyword and ad copy from your campaign. Using optimized landing pages for your PPC campaigns can result in higher conversion rates and lower CPC (cost-per-click).

3. Conversion Tracking &

  • Conversion Tracking
    In order to be able to track the effectiveness of the campaigns, we need to know which ads, keywords and ad groups bring your business. We’ll set up conversion tracking on your website so we can get to know when a customer calls you, submits a form or do purchases. We’ll be able to track every conversion back to the keyword level which will allow us to optimize the campaigns to get more conversions with your advertising budget and helps you to invest more wisely in the best ones and ultimately, and helps to boost your return on investment. We’ll make sure all the codes are installed properly and we’ll run test conversions to make sure the tracking is functioning.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    We do make sure of Google Analytics is installed correctly on your website and we also link your AdWords and Analytics account. Google Analytics provides detailed information of visitors traffic on your website so that you can get a better understanding of your customer and their needs, wherever they are around the buying cycle. We can drill down into their location, age, gender, how they came to your site and which of your customers/marketing channels are most profitable.
  • Google Remarketing
    Remarketing can help you reach users who previously clicked your AdWords ads as they continue to browse sites on Google’s display network further. Google remarketing is a cost effective way to bring potential customers back to your site, lower your CPC and increase conversions. Google remarketing is an extremely cost effective way of building brand awareness and strengthen relationship with your visitors. We create outstanding Google display remarketing campaigns with the remarketing tag on your website. Remarketing in AdWords is extremely powerful and it can yield a very high ROI.

4. Live the Campaign
Optimization & Reporting

  • Campaign Launch
    Before your campaign goes live, we’ll review the entire campaign that build and make sure everything perfect to you. If everything looks perfect then only we’ll launch the campaign. After launching the campaign we closely monitor the statistics to understand the behavior of the traffic and how well it’s connected. In this stage, we also make several tweaks for better ROI, to bring down cost-per-click (CPC), and increase click-through-rates (CTR).
  • Campaign Optimization
    Continuous optimization will refine and focus the AdWords campaign to push the performance boundaries. We are always monitoring things like add keywords, negative keywords, account structure/restructure, cost per conversion, cost per click, cost per like, cost per engagement, landing page design, quality score, geographical segments, custom scheduling, A/B split testing, conversion tracking, remarketing and many more.
  • Reporting
    We'll keep informing you of new opportunities, current updates and weekly campaign reports. Our relationship and results will grow strong and take full advantage of what these advertising platforms have to offer your business. We'll also send you the full report of impressions, clicks, CPCs, campaign CPA & more; so you can fully understand how your campaign is performing.

Google AdWords Management

Remember, Quality traffic to your website is the only method to get projected sales

Using Google AdWords, you can put your message in front of target audience members exactly when they are looking for the products or services that you offer. Our AdWords experts can help you build campaigns that will drive an immediate increase in targeted traffic to your website, and help you turn leads into customers. We can manage your AdWords account on a monthly, ongoing basis. We will provide daily monitoring, weekly optimizations, and weekly reporting. Before we build your AdWords campaign we discover what type of target market and keywords will best fit the buying signals for your best customer. Once we’ve approved both your keywords and ad copy we build out your campaign with our own unique AdWords management technique.

A Google AdWords campaign will ensure your business appears to the thousands of potential customers searching for your product or service online every day. With our Google AdWords management services, include campaign set-up, comprehensive keyword analysis, ad copy and optimization, bid adjustments, landing page optimization, performance monitoring, reporting and more. we provide frequent monitoring of your campaign to ensure you continue to receive the best possible results. If we see room for improvement, we will let you know and provide recommendations. It’s our aim to provide you with the best price and a superior service that will help you get the most out of your online advertising opportunities.

Experience tells us that the fastest, most sustainable results come from a big-picture approach. That extends from the time we take to understand your business, goals and industry, through to:

  • An account manager that is a qualified AdWords professional
  • Ongoing optimization of your campaigns
  • Optimizing your keywords strategy for your AdWords account
  • Proactive recommendations and regular reporting
  • Full access to your campaign and your data
  • Accurately researching the most effective search term combinations
  • Improve quality score, improve ROI, design & optimized landing page quality
  • Comprehensively tracking, measuring and continually refining campaigns
  • Fine-tuning everything, from the geographical location to the timing of your AdWords ads
  • Reducing acquisition costs and improving your ROI on an ongoing basis
  • Receive monthly reports detailing all aspects of any changes, alterations and results

Our Google AdWords Management Main Services Include:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Account Audits
  • Account Structure/Restructures
  • New Account
  • Keywords Research
  • Text Ads Creation & Optimization
  • Display Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking & Google Analytics

Google AdWords Setups & Optimizations

This, along with AdWords management is my core service. If you need a new AdWords account, We will build you a great account. And if you have an existing AdWords account We will audit it and optimize your existing campaigns. Advertising on Google, through the Google AdWords platform, is by far the most effective form of marketing. It’s the most cost-effective and highest-converting form of advertising that exists. But the key to AdWords success and using your budget effectively, is to make sure that you’re running your AdWords campaigns correctly. AdWords is very easy to get started with, but most people can benefit tremendously from bringing an AdWords expert in to set up and run their AdWords campaigns for them. And that’s where we come in. We’ll create great AdWords campaigns that achieve your marketing goals and spend every penny as effectively as possible.

Our Google AdWords Optimization Process

Well Thought-Through Setup Cost-per-click advertising may seem simple, but the AdWords platform is quite complicated. Sometimes people contact us after getting themselves into quite a mess with trying to set up their own campaign. While we encourage our clients to learn how AdWords works, even Google advises using experts to help in the setup and optimization process. AdWords is a live bidding platform and you’re ads are competing with those of many other advertisers.

Here are some of the things we can do for you in the setup process:

  • Testing new ad copy
  • Keyword research to find the best phrases
  • Landing page editing and creation
  • Apply bid management strategy
  • Quality score improvement method apply
  • Install phone call conversion tracking
  • Make your ads stand out from the competition
  • Create an effective remarketing campaign
  • Negative keyword Insertion
  • Conversion tracking & Google analytics implementation

AdWords Keywords Research or Optimization

Keywords are the roots of the AdWords system. Ads are what the user will see, but an effective, targeted keyword list is the foundation of a successful campaign. Ranking and cost-per-click are determined by the click-through rate (CTR) and maximum CPC for an individual keyword. It is important to remember this because the system can be slightly confusing at times by allowing you to set a maximum CPC at the ad group level. This sometimes can cause to think the CTR of the ad matters, when really it’s all about the keywords. Keyword optimization is equally important as keyword research.

Below are some benefits of adwords keyword optimization are as follows:

  • Enables you to increase conversion rates
  • Improves CTR which can lead to improvement in your quality score
  • Improves return on investment (ROI) for your AdWords campaigns
  • Identify keywords that your customers use commonly
  • Understand which type of keyword (long tail vs. short tail) perform well for your website
  • Set up conversions to analyze the quality of traffic brought by paid keywords

How Google AdWords can Benefit your Business

Google's online ad network is the biggest of it's kind in the world, reaching over 90% of the 3 billion users of the web. Buying and holding prime positions on this network is a guaranteed way to drive pre-qualified, high quality traffic to your website which, in turn, converts into leads for your business. The name often given to this type of marketing, PPC, refers to the way it works - you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and is directed to your website.


Here's some of the main benefits of Google AdWords:

  • You can start with any budget and Increased leads and sales almost instantly
  • You have the option of targeting people locally, regionally or even globally
  • Allows you to drive pre-qualified and highly-targeted traffic to your website
  • Using the display network can dramatically increase your brand awareness
  • Easily measure your AdWords profitability with ROI tracking

AdWords Audit & Recommendations

Do you want or need someone with experience to examine your troubled AdWords account? Do you really need a professional AdWords expert to look over your existing AdWords account and make actionable suggestions? Do you want to avoid being pressured into a full account management service? Our Google AdWords audits look at your existing Google AdWords campaigns and assess them on the basis of functionality, efficiency and Return on Investment. Areas reviewed include account structure/restructure, ad group creation, keywords analysis, ad copy analysis, conversions and ROI, quality scores, landing page optimization, bid strategy and competitor metrics. After implementing our changes, if you don’t see an increase in your AdWords return equal to the price you paid for the audit within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Our AdWords audit team can help if:

  • You are spending money on AdWords but not getting the return you'd like to see
  • You want to reduce your AdWords costs but still maintain your online presence
  • You are new to AdWords and want to make sure your account is setup correctly
  • You are worried you might not be following paid search best practices
  • You are new to Adwords and need to improve the quality score of your AdWords campaign
  • You are new to Adwords and trying to improve your landing page experience but don't know how to start

Why Use Google AdWords? Or New to AdWords?

AdWords is a great way to generate traffic to your site quickly and effectively. Google AdWords can help expose your business to a wide range of audiences, and keep your brand in the back of their mind. For many businesses Google AdWords is an efficient marketing tool. With the pay-per-click model, detailed performance metrics and the flexibility of setting a maximum daily ad spend, the investment in an AdWords campaign can be an excellent way to acquire new customers. Our Google certified professionals can even provide PPC training or PPC Consultancy if you want to to do your own advertising, or learn some new ways to advertise.
Do you really want to try Google AdWords but don’t know where to start? or do you already have a campaign but not happy with the results? if you want to to do your own advertising, or learn some new ways to advertise. Contact us today and find out how our AdWords management team can position your business in front of valuable customers.

Why PPC Freelancer?

  • At mediaminck advertising agency we
  • have experienced experts team of google
  • certified PPC advertising professionals
  • who have managing & optimizing clients
  • PPC campaigns in hundreds of verticals
  • from the different industries.

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