Bing Ads Introduces “Auction Insights” Feature to Web User Interface

It seems Bing really knows how to hit the spot when it comes to their advertisers. Earlier this week, they announced via a blog post that they are adding the Auction Insights feature to the Bing Ads web interface.

How It Works

First launched in August 2014 as part of Bing Ads Intelligence, Auction Insights is specially designed to provide business owners and advertisers with important statistics about the performance of their ads. These include data on:

  • Impression share
  • Average position
  • Top of Page Rate
  • Overlap Rate
  • Position Above Rate

By making this kind of information readily available, Bing offers marketers the opportunity to make better decisions about their campaigns and create smarter strategies that will get them the results they want. This also allows them to become more competitive and dynamic so they can quickly adapt to the trends in the marketplace. As of now, Auction Insights is only available to marketers in the U.S. But Bing says it will be rolling out to international users soon.

How You Can Take Advantage of It

Before marketers needed to download the Bing Ads Intelligence tool to get reports from Auction Insights. This naturally took a bit of time and getting used to, which many users weren’t too happy about. But thanks to recent updates, you don’t have to go through that process just to take advantage of Auction Insights. Now, you can access it directly from the Campaigns page of your Bing Ads account. Bing says you can get Auction Insights reports for all of your keywords, ad groups and campaigns – as long as they reach a “minimal threshold of activity”. To find out if you’ve this requirement, all you need to do is apply the Auction Insights filter in the appropriate tab as shown in the screenshot below: This feature also allows marketers to quickly create a collective view of their competitors’ information. Advertisers bidding in the same keyword auction as you will be identified by their display URL. Auction Insights will provide a maximum of 25 competitor display URLs, all of which will be ranked by impression shares. Bing ends their announcement by saying they are currently working on a video blog that will give advertisers tips on how to use Auction Insights to meet their performance goals. The blog will reportedly be released in a couple of days.

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