Google Launches New AdWords Editor Version Globally

In a seemingly never-ending quest to provide the best for users, Google has improved yet another of its applications. The company announced recently that they are releasing a fully revamped version of the AdWords Editor that supports many of the bulk editing features that are available in the web interface. It also includes new functionalities that are going to be useful to marketers. The announcement was made by Geoff Menegay, Product Manager of AdWords Editor, during a livestream session hosted by Google AdWords Vice-President Jerry Dischler. According to Menegay, AdWords Editor version 11.0 “represents the biggest update to the application since we released it in 2006.”

What’s New

The revamped AdWords Editor sports many features and functionalities that weren’t available with the previous versions. Here are some of the most notable ones:

• Bulk Editing

Google added an advanced multi-select tool that enables users to make a variety of changes to multiple accounts simultaneously. For instance, you can now paste a number of keywords across a combination of ad groups and campaigns at once instead of pasting them one by one. This feature will not only help you save a lot of time, but also help your ad management process become more efficient.

• Multiple Window Viewing

This may seem like a minor improvement at first, but it can actually provide a huge boost to your productivity. Rather than going from one campaign tab to another and viewing different accounts separately, you will now be able to open several windows at the same time. You can also copy and paste as well as drag and drop functionality works between different windows.

• Shared Library

Google is also incorporating certain aspects of Shared library into AdWords Editor 11.0. This includes the ability to implement bid strategies and sitelinks across multiple campaigns and ad groups.

• Improved Search and Type Lists

AdWords Editor 11.0 sports a new type lists panel as well as advanced search features. Google added more filtering options and upgraded the multiple search criteria so it will be easier and faster to find the information you’re looking for within your campaigns. Also, you will now be able to save your searches. The new AdWords Editor is now available for download worldwide. Take note that Google will no longer be supporting the old versions of the application after April 2, 2015, so it’s best if you upgrade to the latest version as soon as you can.

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