What Is PPC? (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC) also known as cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites from search engine, in which advertisers pay the publisher (website owner) when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.” PPC (Pay per Click) is the most popular advertisement platform in search engine advertising. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. Every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, you have to pay the search engine a small fee. PPC advertising also allows for detailed reporting and analytics so you can tell exactly how many people saw your ads and how many people clicked your ads, what it costs and how much revenue you made. This makes it super easy to calculate your return on investment (ROI). You can easily set your daily or monthly budgets so that you know exactly what you are going to spend on a daily basis; which makes easy to keep track of your advertising costs.

A lot goes into building a successful PPC campaign from researching and selecting the right keywords, to organizing those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups, setting up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions. If your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying to users, Google charges you less per click, leading to higher profits for your business. So if you want to start using PPC, it’s important to learn how to use it in right way. The PPC ads appear alongside and above on the search engine results pages. Major Pay Per Click advertising platforms are based on a bidding per keyword model. The advertiser simply decides which keyword phrases they would like to trigger their ads and chooses a maximum price they would be willing to pay if a visitor clicks their ad once triggered by the selected keyword. Many different advertisers are often to bid on the same keyword and hence the bidding model is used to determine the position where the advertiser's ad will display.

PPC is usually chosen by the following factors:
  • The number of competitors bidding on the same keyword
  • The quality of the ads and their relevance to the keywords
  • The position of PPC ads in the search results (from 1 to 11)
  • The overall quality of the website that visitors will finally land on
  • The relevance of the websites that visitors will end up on to the ad and the keyword
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) of the ad i.e. how many users click the ad compared to the number of times the ad is displayed

The better your position is, the more impressions and clicks you will receive. PPC can be extremely cost-effective when managed by PPC Experts who truly understand how the model works. Without the right team in place, you can easily sink your budget and negatively affect your return on investment (ROI). At PPC freelancer, we evaluate your online marketing process and determine how we can increase your quality score and get best ROI. We research, identify and review the most important keywords and assess your traffic all while maintaining focus on your targeted audience. A properly managed Google AdWords account can gain visibility for your firm and can boost your company’s image.

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