Search Network Advertising

Running ads on the Search network is the most popular, well known form of PPC advertising. With this network selection, your ads will be eligible to appear on Google SERPs. Advertisers pay for these ads because people who are searching for certain keywords are most likely looking for the services and products associated with those keywords. If you want to expand your reach, you can extend your targeting to include “search partners,” a group comprised of smaller search engines, such as AOL. This advertising format is incredibly effective because it targets an active searcher, who is really in search of something. You should be running a search network campaign if:

You're working with a limited budget

In general, when clients are restricted to a small budget, we recommend starting with the Search Network. This format is more likely to drive direct conversions, making it easier to measure and justify your PPC efforts.

You sell an "emergency" product

If your product or service offering is something that users look for on a when-needed basis (plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, etc.), you should be advertising on the Search Network. For these industries, it is imperative that your ad appears when the searcher is in need of your services.

Targeted Advertising

If online advertising is new to you, you may not realize how targeted Search advertising can work for you. Unlike traditional advertising which involves you paying out vast sums up front for billboards, flyers, newspaper ads or the Yellow Pages, with Search Advertising and PPC in particular, you only have to pay when your ads is being clicked not for displaying. Google and other search engines are concerned with matching up people searching on their networks with businesses and organizations that provide what they are looking for. They value “high quality user experience.” Matching the search terms or keywords that people use on the internet to keywords that your PPC campaigns bid on makes the link possible. It’s why keyword research is so important before you start advertising online. It’s because keyword research remains important at the quarterly review stage in a campaign cycle. People search for new products and services all the time. We take all the hassle out of this for our clients. It is included as part of our monthly management fee.

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