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Nothing is more frustrating than being unaware of what’s going on with your PPC campaigns. If you’re struggling to crack a profit with your Google AdWords campaign, or if you have more specific challenges like reducing your cost per conversion or want to scale your account but you don't know how to achieve your goals, Our PPC audit teams provide accurate advices tailored to your goals. PPC Audit tool will give you an overview of your performance in terms of wasted spend (negative keywords), Quality Score, Impression Share, Click through Rate, Long Tail keywords, ad text, landing pages, mobile targeting and other best practices.

What else Included in Our PPC Audit?

We will identify the unwanted stuffs in your account and tell you exactly what changes your account need to improve your campaign performance. Our PPC audit team grades your Pay Per Click campaigns based on key metrics such as quality score, impressions, and CTR. Our PPC audit team offers an overall grade in addition to individual scores in PPC metric areas such as:

Wasted Spend

Wasted spend is detrimental to PPC campaigns, that’s why our pay per click audit tool reviews your use of negative keywords. Negative keywords can help you reach the most interested customers, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment (ROI). You’re also wasting money when your keywords are too broad. Google often triggers broad keywords in searches where the keyword isn’t an exact match, which bounds its chances of being relevant and converting a user.

Account Structure

Every audit should start with a review of the account structure. Looking at how campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are arranged. This will help determine if there is a logical structure in place across all campaigns. It is essential that search network and display network campaigns are separated. There are vast differences between these two channels CTR and Conversion rates. Combining these channels can have an overall impact of performance, quality score and CPC.

Keyword Performance

Monitoring keyword performance is one of the staple of effective PPC management. Our PPC audit team will review your keywords and how they have performed. We identify which keywords are driving the best quality traffic in terms of leads and intern.

Match Types & Negative Keywords

When selecting the appropriate match type for a keyword, we typically recommend using a "broad-to-narrow" strategy. Using the right match type can help campaign performance. Negative keywords are an important part of every campaign because they help to make sure that your ads appear only to people for what they are looking for. This added level of control can help you increase your click through rate (CTR), reduce your average cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.

Quality Score

The 1-10 Quality Score reported for each keyword in your account, an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing pages triggered by that keyword. Having a high quality score means that search engine considers your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad. You can find out your Quality Score for any of your keywords. High quality scores have a huge impact on your ROI because with better quality scores comes higher rankings and lower costs.

Ad Text Optimization

Well written ads will drive higher CTR. It will also improve your quality scores with greater relevancy. The PPC audit team reviews your ads and recommends you with the changes required.

Landing Page Effectiveness

Effective Landing Pages are crucial in the success of a PPC campaign. Since we are in the age of what Google refers to as “Zero Moment of Truth”. People often use Google search as they famine their questions to be answered and needs meet immediately. Having a landing page that can do this clearly, improves the chances of generating leads, sales and ultimate loyalty.

Ad Group Structure

Size also matters in a well-structured ad group. This should be the first thing to look at when reviewing ad groups. We recommend not more than 20 keywords per ad group required. This helps us avoid what the industry refers to as “Keyword Hoarding”. By this we mean, having a list of keywords that are irrelevant or no longer performing to KPI’s. It is then important to review standard metrics such as CTR, CPCs, Conversion rates and Costs.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

A ratio showing how often people who see your ad and end up clicking it. CTR can be used to judge how well your keywords and ads are performing. Our PPC audit team measures your CTR because if your CTR is low, you could be losing ground to competitors.

Long-Tail Keyword Optimization

Long-tail keywords can be just as successful and important as shorter keyword phrases. Long-tail keywords tend to comprise of minimum 3 or more words and are more precise in topic and scope. Though these words often have lower search volumes, they are less competitively ranked and will have a lower cost per click. Long-tail keywords optimization are graded as part of our PPC audit checklist because if you’re not implementing long-tails, you're missing out on high-intent, low-cost traffic that might be yours.

Our PPC audit team will provide you with an instant report of your PPC account performance and provides you perfect recommendations for improvements. For more information please contact our PPC Audit team today! Request for a free quote here

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