Managed CPC (Cost Per Click)

Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for each click on your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns. You can have the AdWords system manage your bids by choosing automatic bidding, or you can manage the bids yourself. If you are just starting out we recommend manually setting your bids so that you’ll have an idea of what kind of traffic you receive at what price. Once you’ve selected manual bid, the default bid box will appear and allow you to set the maximum CPC you are willing to pay across all keywords in the AdWords campaign.

How to lower your CPC?

Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for every click in the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign. Referring to the way Google’s AdWords Auction works, your CPC will always be equal to or less than your maximum bid as the actual cost per click is highly influenced by you and your closest competitors rank, bid, and Quality score. You can lower your CPC campaign revenue.

Raise your quality score

Quality Score is a dynamic variable assigned to each of your keywords that essentially affects your ad rank and the cost per click. AdWords Ads quality score shows you how competitive your ads are in the marketplace by measuring how relevant your keywords, ads, and landing pages are to customers.

  • Increase (CTR) by creating compelling, relevant ads
  • Build out closely related ad groups
  • Optimize your ad text and landing pages that relates to individual search

Improve your keyword match type structure

Quality score is calculated for the combination of the search query and ad, though it’s reported in the AdWords interface by the keyword. If you have lots of broad match keywords that show for many search queries, it’s hard to know how to optimize your bids, position and CPC’s. While you’re setting one bid for the broad match keyword, that broad match keyword is likely being matched to many queries with many different quality scores, average positions and actually CPC’s in the AdWords auction. To be able to identify queries with poor CTR’s and quality scores your keywords have to be close to matching your actual search queries. Make your keywords match type structure by ad group as tight as possible if the volume exists in the account.

Lower your bids

Lowering bids can be carried out at multiple levels. It enables flexibility within the campaign to give the client maximum visibility within a given budget. Lowering bids immediately gives us the opportunity to appear in more search auctions, helping to increase brand awareness.

Target your landing pages

Your landing pages should be designed and optimized to contain content that uses your targeted keywords for each campaign and ad group. It may not be hardheaded to create a landing page for each ad group, but it will really help to increase immediate relevancy. A highly relevant landing page will also help you with increased conversions. If your searchers read your ad, then click through and they land on a page that fulfills their expectations, then you are likely to have happy visitors that may turn into customers.

Add more negative keywords

Weekly review your ‘search keywords’ and identify right negative keywords. Negative keywords are wasting your budget on clicks you do not want and they also make your campaigns less competitive. If you already have a negative keywords list (at the campaign or ad group level), it is almost certain that you are bidding on keywords that are not relevant to your business and this is one of the reasons of having high CPC costs.

Target by location

Geo targeting is also one of the important tools, CPCs and Conversions will also alter by location, so Google allows you to change your bids depending on geography. To find out which areas are performing better than others, you can use your analytics user report or look on the dimensions tab in Google AdWords. Currently, Google does not depend on geographic relevance, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. By focusing on location targeting, you are driving more productive traffic to your site.

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