Free PPC Audit Services

PPC audit enables small businesses to review their PPC account and discover specific areas that need improvement. Proper account and campaign setup is critically relevant to ensure maximum Pay Per Click results. After the PPC audit is complete, we will provide some expert tips that will help you to Eliminate erroneous clicks and increase your search visibility and maximize your ROI.

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PPC Campaign Creation

We have an experienced team, who expertly manage to create highly profitable PPC campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing & Facebook. Pay Per Click is one of the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. The foundation of your PPC account plays a vital role in performance, so make sure your PPC account is properly setup and optimized according to your marketing goals for best results.

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PPC Campaign Managenent

If you’re looking for an expert PPC management company that can generate leads and reduces your cost per lead (CPL), then you're at the right place, We’ve been delivering results to clients since 2006. PPC freelancer we have qualified PPC expert’s who are dedicated to develop the most cost-effective Pay Per Click campaigns that's boost your lead generation and revenue.

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White Label PPC

White label Pay Per Click management is a great marketing possibility for anyone seeking to start a digital marketing or online marketing business. For digital marketing firms that don’t include PPC in their services or have too much work on their hands, we provide a white label PPC service that enables you to provide a complete digital online marketing solution under your own brand name.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC (Pay Per Click) or paid search marketing is the fastest and most controllable way to get your website to the top of the search results when people are looking for your type of business, and because you pay per click, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your PPC campaign. Pay Per Click advertising is a form of marketing where advertisers can pay to display their ads on popular search engines. If time is a factor and you need fast results then PPC is the best solution for you. We can manage your PPC accounts for Google AdWords, Yahoo Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn Ads. All these Pay Per Click advertising services run along the same simple concept. As an advertiser, you create an ad using your business keywords. When a user searches using any of your keywords, your ad appears next to the search results in sponsored links. You decide how much you want to spend monthly, and you'll never be charged more than that amount. there is no minimum spending commitment. You pay only when the user clicks on your link.

In the competitive world of online media, visibility plays a vital role. With our expertise in Search Engine Marketing, we make sure your brand reaches out to as many internet users as possible in the most cost effective way. We still running effective and cost efficient campaigns to pull in quality traffic. We know the tricks of reaching the exact audience with relevant targeted ad campaigns of your business. Now its time to get relaxed as we are here to take the responsibility of your PPC campaigns. Once your account is set up we monitor your account continuously and help you stay always on top of the search engine pages and increase your online exposure for more traffic, more leads and more sales. All of our client's pay per click campaigns are expertly managed by a Google AdWords certified PPC specialist who is the main point of contact throughout the duration of the campaign. The PPC specialist will spend time getting to know your business and able to get you maximum results, maximizing your cost per click to meet your business goals. So, what are you waiting for?

Our PPC Marketing & Management Services Include

Phase I - Initial

Once you approve our PPC proposal, we will send you a detailed assessment to complete, in which you’ll cover information about your current online and offline marketing strategy, and details about the customers you’re looking to reel in. Through our analysis and setup process will get to know and understand active advertising. The platforms that enables PPC at Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook need a custom specific setup to each client before we flip the switch and start targeting traffic. Our great understanding skills to understand your business along with PPC knowledge and experience, will gives a clear strategy to move forward with your PPC plan.

  • Initial Strategy Consultation
  • Website Review & Ongoing Consulting
  • Account, Campaign & Ad Group Creation
  • Account Review & Goal Setting
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection
  • Tracking Codes Implementation
  • Advance Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy, Landing Pages Suggestions

Phase II - Ongoing Account Management

When we are completely done with Phase I. It's time to launch the accounts and start targeting the traffic. Your campaign is live now,  PPC management is a constant game of analyzing the results, continued strategy development, and optimization takes part here as a very important role.

  • Advanced Strategic Bid Management
  • Landing Page Design & Optimization
  • Minimize the Cost of your Campaign
  • Controlling your position and your bids
  • Monitoring Clicks, Conversions for best ROI
  • Keyword Performance Analysis, Additions & Deletions
  • Fraud and Strange Event Monitoring
  • Calculate the return on your advertising
  • Local Search Geo-targeting
  • Negative Keyword Creation
  • Ad Extensions Creation
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking Analysis
  • Multi Platform Advertising
  • Personalized Call Schedule
  • Refining and Testing Creative Ads
  • Trademark Infringement Protection

Phase III - Analysis/Reporting

We'll keep informing you of new opportunities, current updates and always report results. Our relationship and results will grow and take full advantage of what these advertising platforms have to offer your business.

  • Regular Performance Reporting
  • Campaign Tracking & Reporting
  • Weekly, Monthly, as Needed Client meetings
  • Customized Monthly Analysis/Reporting/Manageable Recommendations

Whether you’re a small business, just getting started with your online presence, or looking for professional management of your online marketing to more aggressively gain leads and sales. Pay Per Click is easy to get into, but hard to do right. we know how to make Pay Per Click campaigns perform smoothly and brilliantly.

Our paid search advertising experts have developed and managed PPC campaigns that:

  • Reduce ad spend
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase quality scores
  • Achieve instant traffic instead of waiting for months.
  • Reduce marketing waste within the platforms
  • Increase overall return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Gives ability to test & constantly improve by A/B split testing ads.
  • Attract targeted visitors based on search query & keyword intent.

PPC Management is most reliable advertising platform over various networks. We know it is not about listing the keywords and start investing. What is the use of PPC advertising if it is not serving your business purpose well? Do not waste your advertising budgets uselessly, have an experienced PPC Experts work for you.

9 reasons why your firm need a PPC management expert:

  • Keyword research is a strategic and crucial process to your success
  • Wrong Ad copy could result in low conversion, Our experts write better ad copies for your campaign
  • Efficient tracking & campaign management setup requires technical expertise
  • Winning campaigns need thorough analysis. It’s a science, not rocket science
  • Landing page design & optimization relates a lot to your customers’ psychology
  • Keeping up with the latest change, optimize campaign and updates require time and efforts
  • Performance monitoring, campaign optimizing, active tweaks, & filtering requires minute attention
  • We will keep you from wasting money and help You be as efficient as possible with your budget
  • Our PPC experts will protect you from fraud clicks, saving your money and boost your online traffic

Our team of qualified Google AdWords certified have the years of expertise and knowledge to build effectual Pay Per Click campaigns. We can effectively lower your monthly advertising budget and increase your sales. For more information please contact our Pay Per Click management team today! Request for a free quote here

Pay Per Click Management Services Include the Following

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the quickest and cost effective way to get your website to the top of the search results. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. Every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, you have to pay the search engine a small fee.
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Hire PPC Experts

Our PPC expert knows how to design well written ads to enhance the amount of traffic you receive to your website. Our PPC experts are experienced in Google AdWord management to provide you with maximum benefit of their expertise. Our Google AdWords expert will launch a successful campaign so that your PPC marketing efforts pays in the best possible way for your business. Read more..

Search Network Advertising

Running ads on the Google Search network is the most popular, well known form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites or apps where your ads can appear. When you advertise on the Google Search Network, your ad can show next to search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your keywords. Read more..

Display Network Advertising

Google display network is the biggest inventory of display text ads & banner ads on the internet, including inventories from Google owned websites & third-party websites. Display network ads show up across the internet on various websites that have opted to show AdWords display ads. When someone clicks on the ad, the website owner has to pay for one click of the advertising spends. Read more..

Remarketing / Retargeting

AdWords remarketing is a cost effective way to broaden your reach, bring potential customers back to your website, target users that have already visited your website, driving them towards a conversion. Not all visitors are ready to buy at the first time they see your display ad, website or email. Remarketing allows you to follow up with users who have previously expressed interest in your ad. Read more..

Managed CPC

Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for each click on your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. You can have the AdWords system manage your bids by choosing automatic bidding, or you can manage the bids yourself. If you are just starting out we recommend manually setting your bids so that you’ll have an idea of what kind of traffic you receive at what price.
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Keyword Research

Keyword research isn’t only about finding keywords to get visitors to your website, It’s necessary to target the right keywords that match your website content and will drive the most targeted traffic to your site. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) experts team spends a lot of time in researching effective keywords relevant to your products and services and examines their projected costs.
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Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are a key element of your AdWords ad campaigns. Landing page is a web page that is displayed after clicking on your ad. It is the same page entered into your destination URL when you are creating an ad in AdWords. Our PPC experts know what elements of a web page are required to provide a good user experience. It should have relevant, useful, and original content.
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Ad Copy Writing & A/B Testing

Our expert content writer write the best and compelling PPC ads which can compel and attract your customers to buy your product/service. PPC is the most effective platform of digital marketing. It can also be one of the most expensive ongoing costs in a campaign. Therefore, there’s key that you test your ads on a regular basis, to make sure that you aren’t skipping your conversions. Read more..

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking allows us to discover which campaigns, ads and keywords are most effective for your business. It helps us to find any leaks in your landing page or website. This information can then be used to optimize the campaign as required. Changes to keywords and ads can be made in order to make the most of your PPC advertising spend and improve your return on investment. Read more..

Let PPC Freelancer team audit your pay per click campaign for free

find wasted ad spend, expand your reach, increase your ROI and more.

Our Clients

We value the relationships we build by supporting the success of our clients in every way we can. We place huge emphasis on providing highly effective and qualified Pay Per Click advice to our clients. A partial list of clients we have been privileged to serve.

Why PPC Freelancer?

  • At mediaminck advertising agency we
  • have experienced experts team of google
  • certified PPC advertising professionals
  • who have managing & optimizing clients
  • PPC campaigns in hundreds of verticals
  • from the different industries.

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